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Ron Patterson Best Kept Secret II

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Shadowboxer (Mad Maestro Remix) - Ron Patterson

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Produced by Javon Frazier for Mad Maestro Productions
Featuring: The Vox Merger & Ron Patterson
Bass by Robert “Bubby” Lewis
Mixed by Grammy Award Winner, Darryl Swann
Photo by Rhoel Paghunasan

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LA Talk Live (iTunes Radio R&B/Soul) Interview w/ Ron Patterson

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Wednesdsay Sept 28th 2011 9PM
12229 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA
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Tomorrow Sunday March 13th 2011

By iTunes Artist Ron Patterson

Performing his Original Selection…
“Make Me Holy”

The Cochran Avenue Baptist Worship service will start PROMPTLY at 9:30AM. Our service will be overflowing so we recommend that you arrive early to get a seat in the main sanctuary. We are excited at the message that God will have for us presented by our Senior Pastor/Teacher Pastor Charles Johnson. We invite you to bring a friend and join us in worship.


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Ron Patterson’s passion for music has only grown stronger since he began his career at the young age of 11. Since then he has cultivated his natural talent and skill. As a child, Ron was the lead vocalist of the soulful Hip-Hop group, the “Fly Guys”. From 1990 to 1994, the group appeared on BET’s “Screen Scene”, the nationally syndicated television show “ROC”, made numerous live appearances, and was featured many times in “Fresh” magazine. Actor/Director Charles S. Dutton saw such great potential in the guys that he wasted no time signing on as their financial manager. The members of the “Fly Guys” were a success, but at such a young age, still had many years of education ahead – both in school and in life. The group broke up, but Ron was not discouraged. His genuine love of music and entertainment led him to start producing and writing for himself as a solo artist. Ron’s gift of music also allowed him to teach himself how to play the piano and the guitar.

A few years later, Ron made the responsible decision to continue his schooling, and attended UC Berkeley. Ron’s studying at UC Berkeley in Cognitive Science and Mathematics, and his involvement in Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. both empowered him and taught him the true meaning of self-discipline. The sum of his experiences at Berkeley made Ron a more marketable artist. Throughout his time at Cal, Ron never gave up on his dreams of one day becoming a renowned musical talent. In fact, the knowledge he gained made him not only a musician, but also a businessman with a plan and control over his career.

The past few years have been a virtual whirlwind for Ron: he has opened for artists like Brian McKnight, Carl Thomas, Robin Thicke, and Anthony Hamilton; he has filmed his own music videos; He has recently toured performing in Tokyo, Japan and has been interviewed by Fox Japan; and he continues to spend hours in the studio creating music, each song even hotter than the one before. Prepare for Ron’s mainstream debut making his mark on the year 2011.

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