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Ron Patterson Hip Hop TV Japan Tour 2010

Hip Hop Tv Japan Records Ron Patterson Tour 2010

Ron Patterson Flyer Japan Back

Ron Patterson Tour Japan 2010

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Smart Music Entertainment - Ron Patterson

March 2010 The Smart Music Entertainment Media Group has redesigned the Official Ron Patterson Artist Website. After consulting with Ron Patterson himself, we collectively decided that an artist website should consist of live and dynamic content. We are excited about Ron’s exponential growth in the music industry globally and www.ronpatterson.com will be a central portal for his active movement towards continuing success.

Backed by The Smart Music Entertainment Media Group and hosted by The Wordpress Blog Tool and Publishing Platform, you will enjoy rich real-time content including upcoming events/tours, free music downloads, videos, articles/posts, and pictures. We encourage you to enter your email into our Email Database (located in the right column) for live updates, guest lists, and more. Thank you for your support and we invite you to spread the word about WWW.RONPATTERSON.COM.

God Bless

Ron Patterson Logo

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While other IT firms hire and call their technicians “geeks,” at Make It Work we employ people with charisma, personality and talent. Our actual term is Neighborhood Technology Consultant or NTC, but after seeing this I’m thinking that is no longer cool enough. Ron Patterson, a level 5 Captain and one of the MIW greats, is much more than an IT guy. We know we will lose him some day, but we will never forget him. At MIW, our policy is “red carpet in, red carpet out.” I just better get great seats for his show!

By Eric Greenspan On February 7, 2010

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